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Phone Icon Fear
The primary and the most pivotal defense against rodent attack. RODREPEL®™ mimics the smell of predator urine thus exploiting the olfactory response of the rodents which would approach an application. Thus rodents in majority of the cases tend to stay away from the application thus preventing damage
Agriculture Icon Discomfort
RODREPEL®™ causes severe distress to the mucosa of the animal in case of contact which could be accidental/ despite the fear mechanism.
Gas Sector Icon Aversion
RODREPEL®™ triggers an unpleasant reaction within any rodent which might try to gnaw away at the application, ensuring that it won't bite again. Our labs have confirmed that in almost all such cases where the rodent might try to chew the substance incorporated with RODREPEL®™, it won't bite again.
Defense Icon Training
After encountering the above mentioned emotions the animal instinctively perceives that RODREPEL®™ is something it should stay away from and stores this information for future reference. This means that the next time it encounters RODREPEL®™ it shall be more often than not is automatically kept away.
Defense Icon Association and Conditioning
The unpleasant experience with RODREPEL®™ is imprinted within the animal's memory and passed on to its progeny. The next generation of evolved rodents would therefore be effectively kept away.