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Thermoplastics materials have always attracted animals and birds. We have received complaints about grizzly bears from North America, woodpeckers from Norway, and birds from Italy and rodents from all over the globe. Animal and bird menace has been a cause of severe economic losses and grave damage to heritage structures. They chew on plastic doors, sidings, benches, molded plastic parts, cables, wires, railway components practically anything. In the wild too, they chew on products made of plastics such as trash bins, containers, power and communication cables to maintain and clear burrows and runways. The color and odor of plastics attract rodents.

Rodrepel®™ does not kill but only keeps the animal away by making use of the sensory mechanisms. The product functions from a distance due to the foul smell which generates a typical fear response in the animal. Ferocious species are further deterred from biting by advanced mechanisms like dermal irritation, extremely bitter taste, sensory stimuli modification and henceforth conditioning of their response towards the Rodrepel®™ containing products. Thus, Rodrepel®™ actually helps in modifying animal behavior. Rodents being social animals also communicate the bad experience to their population in vicinity.